Financial Services

The Bank of Vici offers the following services:

Safe Deposit Boxes – Safe Deposit Boxes are available to protect your valuables and important documents.  There are two sizes to choose from.  Please contact the bank for availability and prices.

Automatic Transfer – With automatic transfer, you can set up a recurring transfer between your accounts within our financial institution.  Your loan payments can also be set up to automatically debit your checking or savings to make your monthly payment.

Cashiers Checks – For a small fee, Cashiers Checks are available to use for those timeswhen a personal check may not be accepted.

Wire Transfers – You can conveniently wire money from your account with Bank of Vici to another financial institution or receive money by wire to be deposited to your account or credited to your loan.  A fee will apply.  For more information about this service, please contact the bank.

Notary Service - We have several employees available for notary services.  It is a free service available to customers of the bank.

Night Deposit – For your convenience, an after hour depository is available to deposit funds, request transfers or make payments when the bank is closed.

Bank by Mail – Deposits, funds transfer requests and payments can be made by mail.  It is never a good idea to send cash by mail.