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The Bank of Vici celebrated its 100th anniversary on October 22, 2002, and is currently working on its 105th year starting October 2007.

The Bank of Vici acquired an organizational charter date of October 22, 1902. In 1914, the Bank of Vici consolidated with the First Bank of Cestos with John F Windolph as the principal organizer and was its first president, a position he held until his death in 1956.

Jerry Dick, who had served as vice president for many years, was elected president and served until Jan 5th, 1961. He retired from the banking business and sold his stock to Glenn W Trimble, who assumed the position of president until Feb 9, 1967

Glenn W Trimble Jr was then elected president and remained so until his retirement on Jan 4, 1996. At this time David G Trimble, was elected as its current president and Chief Executive Officer.

In October 1927, on the 25th anniversary, the Bank of Vici's statement of condition listed total deposits of $211,943.31 and total assets of $230,219.81. At the 50th anniversary in 1952, total deposits were listed at $1,027,351.71 and total assets were $1,099,652.51. The 75th anniversary cam along in 1977 with the bank growing to $6,877,326.81 total deposits and total assets of $7,632,852.35.

At the 100 year milestone, the bank had grown to over 19 million in deposits and over 22 million total assets. We remain small, but have a big impact on the community.

From the money panic of 1907, the breakdown of business in 1929, the bank moratorium in 1933, two world wars, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War. To the Oil and Gas Boom and fall to present days of computer technology, the internet and the war against terrorism.

The Bank of Vici has had a philosophy of giving back to the community since the beginning. The Bank is active in civic affairs, supporting school activities, and strives to serve the farmers, ranchers and business people of the community in good times and in bad. The Bank of Vici has gone forward with a firm and determined effort to be beneficial to the community.

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